images by Tatiana + Karol @tatianaandkarol
stylist Jenya Volkonska @_discojeka_

all talents Cat-B
Lera Luchenko @leraluchenko
Andrij Peleshok @kkoowwwa
Ivan Voronenko @1vanvoronenko

Lera wears: body-top by Drag and Drop; skirt and boots by Anton Belinskiy and Nike's headband.
Ivan wears sleeveless sweater and shorts by Anton Belinskiy, hat and shoes by Nike, Брень' socks and belt by Versace.
Andriy wears sweater by Anton Belinskiy, Adidas' trousers and shoes by Palladium
Andriy wears shirt by Anton Belinskiy and Drag and Drop's pants.
Lera wears Anton Belinskiy's dress and shoes "Boland" 60’s
Ivan wears a vintage shirt from Lesnaya, pants by Anton Belinskiy, shoes from New Balance and carries a bag from Privoz Odessa.
Lera wears a jacket by Anton Belinskiy, pants Marc O’Polo and shoes from l’Intervalle. Scarf is from VintageShop.
Lera wears golf by Drag and Drop, Nike Performance's skirt and cycling shorts - stylist's own.
Ivan wears vintage coat and shirt by Anton Belinskiy
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